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Kratos - Oldschool RS in HD - 200 Online

Kratos is a fast-growing Pre-EOC - OSRS Packed Private Server with hundreds of players. Kratos offers OldSchool RS OSRS content mixed in with a fully High Detail version, offering superior gameplay experience with endless features We have the the latest bosses Cerberus, Demonic Gorillas, Zulrah etc, minigames Puro-Puro, Sorceress Garden, Bounty Hunter etc, all 24 skills including Summoning, 7 achievement diaries, 200 songs to unlock, 30 completable quests and much, much more Why Kratos - We have 6 different game modes to choose from, including ironman at a rate of 10x for those who like to be challenged - Slayer is more enjoyable than ever - we have locations like the Catcombs of Kourend, Nieves Cave and the Stronghold of Security with over 11,000 unique NPCs to kill - A fully functioning grand-exchange and an unbeatable controlled economy - 3 different worlds for economy and deadman worlds - All 24 Skills fully working, including the unique ones such as Herblore, Farming, Construction Summoning - 14 Minigames including the unique ones such as Puro-Puro, Soceress Garden, MTA Falconry - ALL OSRS bosses excluding Raids and Abyssal Sire which are planned future updates And so much more Visit us at httpskratosrsps.org to see what more we have to offer

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    2017-08-26 11:42:31
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Kratos - Oldschool RS in HD - 200 Online

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