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Grevador Survival Eco 742 247

CENTERIMGhttpsimgur.commROy3k3.pngIMG Server Status COLOR008000OnlineCOLOR Join our Discord chat - URLhttpsdiscord.ggfWSTcdDHEREURL ADMINGrevador is not only a RSPS, but its a game that is willing to thrive through struggle and get its highest potential level. We are still updating daily for maximum content for players to enjoy Grevador. Im always open for suggestions and id love some people with amazing ideas to come forward and join us on the adventure we have. We try offer a great wide range of features within Grevador. We not only have PVM and PK but we try aim for you skillers out there and we will NOT stop until its perfect. Grevador is hosted on a Dedicated Virtual Private Server DDOS Protected and is online 247 with no Downtime.ADMIN ADMINFeatures 24 Skills fully functional Trainable Dont feel safe Create a bank pin and store your items in your bank Loading Vorago Still in construction - Maps Working game modes Iron Man Gamemodes - Normal, Challenging, Veteran Server random Events - Penguins, Boss Spawns - Trivias - Anagrams - Shooting Stars and many more Tons of mini games - Soulwars, Hungergames, Zombies, Pest Control, RuneSpan, Crucible, Warriors Guild, Clan wars, Dom tower, Troll Invasion, Castle Wars, Livid Farm, RFD, Sorceress Garden, Pest Invasion, Dark Invasion, Lava flow mines, and many more Tons of bosses - PvM even for the lower levels is fun - Ive implemented a Tier Chest that holds specific items and every slayer monster drops the keys from Tier 1 - 2. - These will help you receive Skiller items such as Charms, Bones and some other cosmetic items. Shortcuts requires agility level - Getting around the map, dungeons quicker. Double EXP - Double Drops Weekend is now active, toggled automatically. EXP Well - Boost your exp - Put cash into the well. Drop Well - Boost your on getting a Rare drop. Prestige - Levels 1-20 prestiges. There are shops for 1-5-10-15-20. The higher the prestige. The better the shop items. Skiller and PvM. Daily tasks - Challenges. You will receive rewards for completing the daily tasks. Fully working Grand Exchange - Player based. Custom items - Abyssal Spirit shields, Whips etc Toolbelt items work - Smithing, Crafting, Mining etc Assassin tasks - Get a boss task Similar to slayer Gravestones on death, purchase different gravestones with prices Dragonfire shield and OS Dragonfire shield with correct animations - special attack Client zooming - Loading more tiles view more of the map while adventuring Why dont you just come check it out yourself THERES SO MUCH MORE ADMIN Keep up-to date with the updates - URLhttpgrevador.netforumsindex.phpforum5-updatesUpdate LogURL Note The website design is only temporary until full launch Other Links URLhttpgrevador.netHomepage URL- URLhttpgrevador.netforumsForumsURL - URLhttpgrevador.netGrevador.jarPlay nowURL - URLhttpwww.grevador.nethighscoresHighscoresURL - URLhttpsdiscord.ggfWSTcdDDiscordURL URLhttpwww.grevador.netGrevador.jar IMGhttpwww.destinyhelp.comwp-contentuploads201504999.gifIMGURL IMGhttpsi.imgur.comM6O1AWG.pngIMG SPOILERWebsite IMGhttpsi.imgur.comOopjivV.jpgIMG IMGhttpsi.imgur.comMFrNWCp.jpgIMG SPOILER SPOILERBackground IMGhttpsimgur.com82qpGkL.pngIMG SPOILER SPOILERClient zooming - Camera Restriction IMGhttpsimgur.com15yya7S.gifIMG The left one is where the client will load a few more tiles. IMGhttpsi.imgur.commmr2Uv2.jpgIMG SPOILER SPOILERSkilling IMGhttpsi.imgur.comZYPFZ2s.gifIMG IMGhttpsimgur.comCByeegv.gifIMG IMGhttpsimgur.comAC14I17.gifIMG IMGhttpsimgur.comaveM3ZR.gifIMG IMGhttpsimgur.comU0z4c2F.gifIMG IMGhttpsimgur.comIu6Ow4W.gifIMG IMGhttpsimgur.comZ9f3xCJ.gifIMG IMGhttpsi.imgur.comlWKKyux.gifIMG IMGhttpsi.imgur.comrIHhGzi.gifIMG IMGhttpsi.imgur.comtimTE3l.gifIMG IMGhttpsimgur.comigNy2Wd.gifIMG SPOILER SPOILERPvM Dragon Slayer Gloves gives extra slayer exp while wielding. IMGhttpsi.imgur.comuRmsSN4.gifIMG IMGhttpsi.imgur.comilE2PL6.gifIMG IMGhttpsimgur.comdG4M6y7.gifIMG SPOILER SPOILERMisc IMGhttpsi.imgur.comSs7AGcc.gifIMG IMGhttpsi.imgur.comZBTCa1D.gifIMG IMGhttpsi.imgur.comnmM7bE5.gifIMG IMGhttpsi.imgur.comj5ALxOO.gifIMG IMGhttpsi.imgur.com9RlS5tg.gifIMG IMGhttpsimgur.comvQ7rVRc.gifIMG IMGhttpsi.imgur.com5CPmFxf.gifIMG imghttpsi.imgur.comHqoRD3C.gifimg IMGhttpsi.imgur.comSrs48SP.gifIMG IMGhttpsimgur.comqeaChhV.gifIMG imghttpsi.imgur.comTgYXJVe.gifimg IMGhttpsi.gyazo.com8cedc80fb08559fb5e3b9e521db9b77e.gifimg IMGhttpsgyazo.comf216d8116f9ab9c3456904ef22d955b8.gifIMG SPOILER Credits to RavenBoss for tier chest key idea. CENTER

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