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Last Man Standing

What is Last Man Standing you may be asking and why should I play it, well if you watched the video and that wasn't enough then wait there more! The concept of the server is to remain the last man standing in the world of Runescape. There will be competitive and free to play servers for your enjoyment, each server gets reset after the last man standing winner is announced. Each game is 4 hours though. It starts off with a Warm up phase of 15 minutes where players cannot attack each other, then the bloodshed begins! Here you will have 3 hours to kill as much as your heart desires, the killing does end though and after those 3 hours are up a gear up phase begins, where if players were to scared to boss or get barrows, do a region quest and etc, now is their chance to do all that! After the gear up phase is over players will be teleported into a separate arena locked off from the world, here players will fight to the death, if a player survives for 25 minutes in the arena he will take 10 damage a second until a winner is announced. Once you are the Last Man Standing may the glory be your's. A competitive server has entry fee's with the lowest being $5, in turn your $5 is split into two things. $2.50 would go to the person who killed you and $1 would go towards the prize pool for the Last man(one) standing. Free to play has a different approach to all this and is meant to be more fun then serious, take normal's and ranked in league of legends as an example. In one you could fuck around, in the other if you do, you will be at a loss. What makes Last Man Standing unique is the fact that we spent days creating a meta, we calculated every npc spot, every region quest was designed with the time and exp rates in mind. Every reward was hand picked and tested to see if it is viable. The amazing part is that we created the meta, but its for you the players to see what is the best path to take, its something you should be very excited about because we sure are. This game mode was deisgned by gamer's and very long time Runescape player's, we created something we ourselves would play and enjoy for months on end.

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