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Nexus Reborn 881 Invention All skills X20...

x20 Rates x1.5 Well Rate Selective DXP Weekends 100 Keepsake system We currently have all 26 skills working invention in progress More than 20 bosses to choose from including ROTS, GWD2 Minigames such as the barrows brothers, fight caves, fight kiln, puro-puro, sorcerers garden and many more Lots of training areas accessible by clicking skills and home NPCs Custom lootbeams that can be personalized by each player PVP areas such as the duel arena, wilderness, redwhite portal and more Working clan system with ranking, inviting, clan mottos, motifs, flags, vexillums and jobs Donators can also claim their own custom title Functional Abyss and Runespan Dye-able t90 gear Cosmetics system with outfit colors Portables and Divine Locations Voice of Seren active within Prifddinas Fully working max guild 90 prifddinas Boss pets

Nexus Reborn 881 Invention All skills X20...
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Nexus Reborn 881  Invention  All skills  X20 Rates  ROTS  GWD2

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