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Hero-Scape 666

Come play the Hero-Scape ran by the founder of HS2009, Mod Mikers its now a 666 server as one was once a 317 Minute download time, download as you play. right click banking httphero-scape.com -All skills working -All miasmic spells -All ancient spells -Donator store -Chrystal bow -Loyalty store -Random events -Charm drops -Warriors guild -Pest Control -Castle wars -Clan wars -Dueling -Questsbr -Emotes -Full slayer monsters -Perfect Runescape like switching -Perfect clipped combat -Combo foods -Instant special For granite maul -Wilderness ditch -Friendsclan chat -Price Checker -Equipment tab...

Hero-Scape 666
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    2018-06-27 18:37:02
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