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LegionScape 718/742

Http:// Features: Auto Donate Auto Vote Highscores IPB forums VPS hosted 24/7 Dicing! SIX donator ranks, with a whole page of donator rights. (custom coded zones of your choosing) notice board to change yell color, yell title, player color and player title PVM/PVP System: Killing mobs and bosses grant differant amounts of points. these points add up can there is a shop for pvm and pvp gear in them. Assasins orb (high up slayermaster) Key items: Drygores Third Age Drygores Seismics Asc crossbows Malevolent (adding models) Tectonic (adding models) Sirenic Multiple new spiritshields New and old graphics for items New forms of god armours (torva,pernix, virtus) fire, ice, and elite slayer master gear Tzhaar Whip Brutal Whip Flaming Blazing Flamberge Deathtouch Darts Glacor Boots Glacor Gloves +1000's more! Bosses: QBD Corporeal Beast Godwars Wildy Wyrm Yk'Lagor The Thunderous Blink Madara Sunfreet Korasi Trio Boss King Black Dragon Bork Kalphite Queen Dagannoth Kings Tormented Demons Leeuni Sea Troll Queen Hope Devourer Har'Lakk Merc Mage Lucien Nomad Training Locations: Cows Yaks Rock Crabs Ghouls Bandit Camp Gnome Battlefield Stronghold of Security Lumby Swamp Karamja Volcano Bronze dragons Varrock Sewer Draynor Sewer +100's more! Minigames: Godwars Runespan Warrior Guild Crucible Fight Caves Fight Kiln Dominion Tower Clanwars Castle Wars Troll Invasion Duel Arena Sorceress Garden Barrows Livid Farm Recipe for Disaster Zombies Dark Invasion Lava Flow mines Pest invasion Pest Control Barrows Rise of the six So much more! join to find out!! Your Feedback on this post is much appreciated! all your thoughts and concerns are welcome! :D

LegionScape 718/742
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LegionScape 718/742

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