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Draynor - OSRS w Raids Inferno

Raids Inferno COMP CAPENPCs Co-op Slayer Lots of Point Systems 21 Bosses to Battle Drop Rate Bonuses to Achieve Active Friendly Owner Frequent Updates Double XP Weekends Achievement System Drop Table for Easy Access Trivia Questions Unique Pets Iron Man Mode Hard Mode - Increased Drop Rate Chance of Rare Loot - Mystery Boxes, Key Chest, Clue Scrolls Skilling- Blood Altar, Soul Altar, Redwood Trees, Dark Crab Pick Cabbage for a Chance at a Cabbage Cape Account Pin for Security Optional Customizable Client

Draynor - OSRS w Raids Inferno
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Date Signed Up 2016-11-27 11:10:27

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Draynor - OSRS w Raids  Inferno

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