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Dragon Infinity

FORUMS: http://dragoninfinity.createaforum.com/ Website: www.dragoninfinity.tk (download Client From There) New server starting up and its still in the early stages, however i've vastly improved Client stability, and reworked shops and included a few custom minigames. its just myself and Alex coding the server at the moment, and would love to take on new developers/staff. its 718 loading 742 revision and packed full of content, POHn is currently disabled however you can level up using the sawmill method, but POH is being worked on and should be released over the next couple of weeks, This is a work in progress and would love feedback as we can make this the game YOU WANT, YOUR CONTENT, YOUR GAME Below is a changelog of what has been done over the past week: Runespan is 100% Inferno Adze added to Woodcutting Shops as requested New Boss with Excellent rewards! - do ;;pvmparty or ;;avatar and earn rewards like partyhats, coloured whips ect New Home - under consideration Quest System - Reworked by Mod Java ;) System Update System Rocks/Trees Don't deplete Yaks area - use ;;Yaks med - High Level Training Area - Partial release, adding more NPCs soon use ;;train! Global Teleports - Will be added throughout Updates Player & Staff Commands - will be added throughout Updates NPC Drop Table - will be expanded on during rolling updates Shop Rework Dungeoneering - Reworked by Mod Java ;) Titles - Add your own custom ones! using ;;settitle and colour it for ;;titlecolour (Offensive names will be removed.) Trivia System Login using Spaces People with 1 & 2 Character usernames can now login Area Teleports using interface system - Speak to Spirit Tree at home! Staff Toolkit Item - (Use Manual commands for now) Hiscores

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Dragon Infinity

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