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Divine - Born from excellence

Features Achievement system from PvMing, PvPing, and Skilling. All skills are almost completely working. Teleports that require Achievement Diaries being done. Daily Tasks for rewards and points. Wilderness Event Bosses with rewarding drops and caskets. Old School Wilderness bosses. More than 10 minigames. Well Of Goodwill which grants bonus experience, drop rates, and pk points. Banks with tabs and place holders. Ultimate Ironman, Ironman, Extreme Mode, and Regular Mode. Auto-mated voting and store purchasing system. Client that saves up to four accounts with password. Easy, Medium, Hard, and Boss Slayer Tasks. Functional Inferno Caves. Tekton Skeletal Bosses. Cerberus Corporal Beast. Fast and powerful dedicated server. Pets awarded from killing bosses to skilling.

Divine - Born from excellence
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Divine - Born from excellence

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