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OS-Revolution - New Rsps Project Starting our project we welcome you to join our discord, chill with friends and project members. Get first sneak peaks at content and progress on the server. We are looking for loyal members for staff as well, the project will not release ASAP just so you are aware if interested. We are always working hard to give you updates on the server. Some of our server features: * Daily log in rewards that change based on streak * Multi Slayer Masters * wilderness slayer * Daily tasks for either skilling or pk (player can choose) * fundamentals for construction * clean hunter * donator system, even shows players their spending * Membership bonds & membership benefits * hundreds of donator perks * random events (Such as Gold spawning in wild for pk interaction) * shows time played * Achievement diaries for 11 areas (including desert) * seperate achievements system (Easy, medium, hard for skilling, and pk) * The whole game is multi combat zone * clean prestige system * several maxed out perks * skilling is slow and steady * degradable items already on all bis. and even an NPC to repair them or claim one * raids (with 3 different difficulty modes) * clean banking * proper clan system (also implement for raids and clan events) * hold CTRL over items for stats * clean commands for all ranks * drops appear to be balanced really nice * accurate life bar on all npcs (shows 1/100) * raids have storage units you build, and they allow you to level construction too * proper maps up until nightmare zone (1/20/20) * Hourly reward box * log out timer Official Discord Invite send and invite friends https://discord.gg/vyP2AR9

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