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Runescape Top 100 List


Link1 if link 1 doesnt work try link 2 httpwww.mediafire.comfileny5dyu395lmsy2iOs-Zyzia.jar link2 httpswww.dropbox.comssha6bgydh4xtx4oOs-Zyzia.jardl0 Hello, Os-realityPVP has recently been down for some major revamps to the server. We have spent our days trying to make this server the best that it can be and we continue everyday to improve it. We have spent 100 hours since the server has been down in order to come back and be better than we have ever been. Before Os-RealityPVP went down, we had a steady 30 player base and we plan to surpass that number by a lot when we re-release. We would like you to come and join this new era of RSPS and help us grow while enoying yourself around our friendly community and staff. When we tell you that we will be one of the top RSPS, we really mean it. Come ahelp us achieve that goal and say you have been apart of it since the beginning. DEADMANMODE 100 CODED PVP MODE a adventure where everyone has to lvl up their lvls and make their own potions and supplies and even gear join the adventure today Features 108 Osrs Cache with all osrs items All wildy bosses Resource Zone Lootshare Slayer and Boss Npc Killcount Choose your own waves for fight caves Instanced Kraken Stronghold Slayer Cave Unique Teleport Menus Regular, Ironman, and Ultimate Ironman GameModes Cerberus Corporeal Beast Zulrah Unique Client Features Prestige Mode Dedicated developers Daily Updates Osrs itemszulrah and below Ironman, Regular, or PvP Mode Teleport to slayer task Many of the bugs fixed Autojoin clan chat Custom giant sea snake boss Donation systemNo web side, might give if asked via pm Highscores systemuse foxs bootstrap websided Custom Barrows Minigame Max and Completionist cape system - Achievement system - Awesome quest tab - Title system - Boss and Slayer Log - Doctor Orbon healing guy - Warriors guild - 20 bosses - and much much more

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