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[317] Sin City RSPS [Quests] [Group Dung] Sin City is a new server opened 15/12/15 and in it's first two days has gotten an average playercount of around 15 - and that number is constantly growing - Be a part of our new and quickly growing community today. Features: Stable economy 2 Custom Quests Maxxing is not easy 14 Bosses (Some are not soloable, not easy like other servers) 25 Skills Grand Exchange Loyalty System Group Dungeoneering Duo Slayer Money Pouch Achievements All minigames + a custom minigame Very friendly community Classic edgeville home for a nostalgic feel Flawless PvP/PvM Very fast switching Full Clan Chat HD Client option Pets, including boss pets Ironman/Hardcore ironman modes Dicing Random Events Prestige system with prestige shop Hardworking and dedicated staff Homepage: Forums: Download:

[317] Sin City RSPS [Quests] [Group Dung]
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[317] Sin City RSPS [Quests] [Group Dung]

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