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PKLegacy - Flawless,Pk,Bossing, Gamble,Events

- FEATURES - - Flawless Pking. -247 uptime with no lag. -Automatic Donator system. -Automatic voting system. - Great Economy, supporting cash bags for items worth more then 2147m.. -commands. -Gamble. -All skills work Url- httpimgur.comGqO8urL -23 Bosses Link Picture Url- httpimgur.comm39JrWo -Playerkilling active Url- httpimgur.come83L614 -Mini-Games URL- httpimgur.comAHo7Mfu -Training teleports Url- httpimgur.comlOIfoh7 -Bonds 5 to 250 Url- httpimgur.comah2e4i -Donator stores 12 Url- httpimgur.comaY8HO6 -Voting shopPvm boss point shop Url- httpimgur.comgZKHB9q -Trivia shop Url - httpimgur.comNyexRse -Dzone with own bosses for donators only. -Ezone. -Lzone. -Uzone. -Gambler scroll. -Gambling system. -Flowerpoker. -Blackjack, dice bags. -100M Cash bags. -Mystery chest. -Prize key -Mystery bag. -Donator mystery box. -Mystery box. -Pvp Mystery box. -Primal mystery box. -Customs Picture-Url, httpimgur.coma5LAKJ -All Spirit shields. -Elder maul. -Dragon hunter crossbow. -Kodai wand. -Ancestral. -Angel wings Teleports you out off wildy any level, KEPT ON DEATH. -Toxic blowpipe. -Korasi sword. -Dinhs Bulwark. -Torva set. -Pernix set. -Virtus set. -Primordials boots. -Pegasian boots. -Eternal boots. -Third age melee. -Third age mage. -Third age druidic. -Third age range. -11 different Party hats. -5 Different santa collors. -Magma helmTanzanite helmSerpentine helm. -All skills work. -Donator stores 1-2 -Voting shop. -Pkstore Bloodmoney system. -Bloodmoney system.

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PKLegacy - Flawless,Pk,Bossing, Gamble,Events

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