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ProjectOS - Bounter Hunter | Cerberus and more!

Welcome to ProjectOS! What are we? ProjectOs is a 317 Oldschool private server dedicated to bringing you the BEST and the most recent updates implemented into Oldschool Runescape. We release high quality, professional updates every week so you, the players, can have the BEST gameplay experience. Down below you will see every "Unique" features that were added into the game. Website Link: http://www.projectos.org/forums/forum.php ProjectOs Ingame features. - 100% Working trainable stats. - Cerberus Boss with the Abyssal Items. - Reasonable Starter to start your adventure. - Global message for receiving a rare loot. - Global message for passing a 99 milestone. - Fully functional Regular and Ultimate Ironman game modes with OSRS restrictions. - Functional Slayer system. - NPC Hotpoint’s Indicator - Oldschool Bosses. (Zulrah, Kraken, Callisto, Venenatis, Vet'ion, Moles, GWD Bosses, KBD, Chaos Ele, Barrelchest, Dagannoth Kings. - Zulrah Boss with its functional items and weapons: Serpentine Helmet, Toxic Blowpipe, Toxic Staff of the Dead, Trident of the Swamp, and all three Zulrah Pets. - Fully functional Trident of the Seas (+Trident of the Swamp) with the correct animations. - Dragon Claws with correction special attack animation - Spirit shield, Blessed Spirit Shield, Arcane, Spectral, Elysian and the Sigils. - Full Godwars Dungeon with Items and Pets. - Cute cosmetics such as, Black party hat, Black H’ween mask, Rainbow Party.) - Yell System for Donators. - Oldschool Runescape Experience Counter with specific stat indicator. - Competitive experience point rates - Edgeville Bounty Hunter system with every bounty hunter shop item. (Including Mysterious Emblems) - Functional 63-wave fight caves for Fire Cape. - All minigames; Duel Arena, Pest Control, Fight Caves, functional Warrior's Guild for all defenders. - PK Hotspots. - Well organized Information tab - PKing, PvMing, and Skilling achievement and achievement points rewards! - Pking, PvMing, and Skilling titles once you’ve met the requirements! - Profitable Donator parks and Donator zone. - Completionist cape with challenging requirements. - Max cape for obtaining every 99! - Tokhaar - Kal which you can obtain by trading in three Fire Capes! - Vesta, Statius, Zuriels which is obtainable as a rare “lucky” PvP loot. - Cerberus with his Abyssal Items. Note: Some of these updates listed here aren't in the BETA. We plan to have these added before the official release, along with the new Abyssal items from Oldschool. Also, We added some higher revision items to the game so players have something to "grind" for. We made sure not to make these items too overpowered but still have a decent advantage for taking the time to earn them. Sincerely, The ProjectOS Development Team.

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ProjectOS - Bounter Hunter | Cerberus and more!

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