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Runescape Top 100 List

QuarterX - #1 OSRS Server

QuarterX - #1 OSRS Server

Welcome to QuarterX Forums: http://www.quarterx.org/community Client Download: http://www.quarterx.org/QuarterX.jar Website: http://www.quarterx.org/ What is QuarterX? QuarterX is a brand new, upcoming, oldschool RuneScape Private Server. Our aim is to host a friendly community, an exciting game and introduce new, unique content to our players on a regular basis. What makes QuarterX different? We believe that the game should be shaped by the community. We pay close attention to feedback and suggestions and try our hardest to implement them into the game as soon as possible. QuarterX is...

QuarterX - #1 OSRS Server
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    2016-07-20 13:48:02
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