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QuarterX - #1 OSRS Server

QuarterX - #1 OSRS Server

Welcome to QuarterX Forums: http://www.quarterx.org/community Client Download: http://www.quarterx.org/QuarterX.jar Website: http://www.quarterx.org/ What is QuarterX? QuarterX is a brand new, upcoming, oldschool RuneScape Private Server. Our aim is to host a friendly community, an exciting game and introduce new, unique content to our players on a regular basis. What makes QuarterX different? We believe that the game should be shaped by the community. We pay close attention to feedback and suggestions and try our hardest to implement them into the game as soon as possible. QuarterX is a fresh start, unlike most servers where upon joining; there are year old players and it is a lot harder to get yourself in the leaderboards or get yourself noticed. Our economy and player base is new and we believe this is important so that everyone has an equal opportunity. We do not believe in donating for items, instead we believe in a fair economy in which your wealth can only be modified by time, effort and knowledge rather than by real life money. Our development team is motivated, computer-science educated and determined to progress the growth of QuarterX. The game client is highly customisable to give you the best playing experience and give you the opportunity to set your own preferences. Features of QuarterX - Bounty Hunter - 100% Oldschool Skills - Bank Tabs - Customisable Client with Full Screen and Resizable - Perfect Combat - A huge array of minigames - Lots of Achievements - OSRS Maps - Amazing Bossing - Global Detailed Killfeed - Advanced Gambling - Friendly and educated staff and development team - 100% Uptime - DDoS Protected - vBulletin Forums - Vote4Cash - Membership Options - Smooth Gameplay

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