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Qwertyscape Legacy

[img]http://i.imgur.com/wTbmNzM.png[/img]Owner is Qwerty159063 Download client here [URL="http://qwertyscape1.weebly.com/download.html"]Download Client Here![/URL] Join the forums with community shoutbox here :) [URL="http://qwertyscape-legacy.proboards.com/"]Forums[/URL] Many Monster teleports, Rats,Rock crabs, River Lum Cows,and many more Bossing Teleports, take a trip to GwdWrs, Kalph Queen, Corps,KBD,QBD. What to play some slayer dungeons,Fremennik,Revenant cave,Tolna's Rift, Grotworms? Working Fight Pits,Fight caves,Fight Kiln, Clan Wars,Dominion Tower, Warriors...

Qwertyscape Legacy
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    2015-01-19 15:01:19
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