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RuneLive RSPS 200 Players Growing Rapidly

Ever heard of a server called Ikov2Runelive It had about 250-400 Players at one point its coming back guys and better than ever its been worked on ever since it closed down, and its going to blow up for sure we are anticipating atleast 150 Players for release, which is going to be amazing Our New Letter Consists of all our UNIQUE Content httprune.livenewsletter2.html Client Link httprune.livedl link httpwww.rune.live Forum httpwww.rune.liveforum Rune-Server Media Thread httpswww.rune-server.eerunescape-developmentrs2-serveradvertise629749-runelive-200-players.htmlpost5151496 Its back and better than ever If you want to see some of the new cool content added check this thread out Link httpruneunity.orgforumindex.phptopic573-huge-announcementcomment-2562 We have managed to restore all the Player Files on In-Game. Meaning if you played when Rune.live was at its peak, than your account will still be there We also managed to restore the forums database, so simply log into your old forum account, and boom your Legendary Account is back we hope to see you soon Kind regards Adam

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    2017-03-19 15:08:26
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RuneLive RSPS 200 Players Growing Rapidly

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