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Website: http://saradominps.weebly.com/ Veery stable Bank with banktabs 23 Fully working skills PKP Shop Vote for reward Vote point shop Prestigeing for points Prestige shop Glacors Jadinkos 600+ Items Strykewyrm Quest Lunar Diplomacy Quest Desert Treasure Quest Duel Arena Fight Pits Fight Caves Pest Control Barrows Save teleports with naming Slayer system Boss tasks Corporeal Beast Nex with real nex maps Charming Imp All chaotics working PvP Armours and weapons Achievement System Max cape miniquest Completionist cape with requirements Completionist cape with color changing Clanchat Dicing Mithril seeds (Planting flowers) Well thought out economy 2 Starters per IP Plenty of shops for the starter X2 XP WEEKENDS Skilling Tasks Skilling Point Shop Skilling Area Donators only area Donators only slayer dungeon Vanguard PKing with PK points and Killstreaks Loyalty Points Ape Atoll with agressive monkey archers and monkey guards XP Modes Membership system 30 Day membership Tab to reply Zoom in and out (F11 - F12) Keys And alot more!

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