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Welcome to Serenity A brand new PKEconomy RSPS, that features numerous custom content and smooth gameplay. Whether your interest is in fighting other players and bossing your way to the top, or playing minigames with your friends and family, theres a place here at Serenity for you Were constantly working to make your stay here fun and enjoyable, and the server development is player based, so all your suggestions are what drive this community When you login on Serenity you will have the option of playing a few different game styles including Normal, Extreme, Ironman, and Ultimate Ironman. Each style has different benefits and restrictions so choose what you feel comfortable with. Only able to play a few times a week Dont worry, here at Serenity we host two catchup events including Double EXP Weekends, and Cyber Mondays for those of you who like donation discounts There is currently a global Recruit-a-Friend event going on Serenity, all new players who join and recruit a friend will be rewarded. Both you and the friend you brought along will receive a Donation Bond for 10 credit. So what are you waiting for Get your friends and family involved today We look forward to seeing you all in-game, have fun and enjoy your stay at Serenity Sincerely, The Serenity Team

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