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SeriousPk.com 1 Spawn Pk Active Pking

Updates - master rank 1900 elo - fixed the leaches - Added Official Dicer rank - Added No wepon switch option in duel arena to prevent scams - NPC dont attack back - Duel arena tele glitch - Some data missing - If you xclose your client when you are at 0 hp, upon login you have 0 hp still and have all your items aswell - First duel interface doesnt closeexit if your opponent right clicks a weapon before the first duel interface shows up, and then they click wield on the right click - If you are on lunars spam click the agility tube you can get like 5x the exp instead of the normal exp rate - You can teleblock barrage if you click on autocast spell change spellbook for the autocast choosing spell option you can choose any ancients spell - Instant sets in the spawn tab work in the wilderness - If you hit someone, and then log out quick, it does NOT show the You cannot log out until 10 seconds after combat message. Instead, you are able to log out. This would be beneficial because you could farm ancient statuespvp armor because you keep the high potential percents after the attack log out - If there is 2 matches in the duel arena, 1 person can hit his opponent, and then click on someone elses match any leeches will have effect on that other persons match - If you start a duel, and before it starts spam click the map a few times your avatar dude will noclip out of the duel arena - players shouldnt lose spawnable items on death other than food - instant load sets wear your item and do addset . To remove a set do removeset set Id . It saves the sets in your quest tab, so just click the set id from there to equip it. You can only save spawnables. - Skull When attacking someone in the wildy youll not receive a skull. This is fixed now. - You can use command max when you killing monster literally ruining the purpose of pvming, so disable it when in combat. - Done. - Made 13s as hybrid area,removed the dragons from there and made that as safezone and added banker there. - Added furnace to edgeville. - Added the spawn command to do item ags etc, moderators will be able to setkeywords e.g setkeyword 11694 ags. PM a moderator if you want a certain item to be added. - You can now view all the different ranks you have in your quest tab. You will be able to switch ranks soon. - Added the bank pin function. You should now be able to add your bankpin. DONT FORGET IT. - Added a helpersupport rank with commands jail,yell,mute - Says your KDR,elo,voting points,donor points etc in chat when you click it this update has been done, just needs a little tweak before i release it - Added official dicer rank with player dicing - master rank 1900 elo - Fixed elo doesnt reset when u relog now - fixed the leaches - Fixed the missing items steadsfast, glaviens, ragefires, tokhaar cape - Added a custom item moderators can do setkeyword itemid desiredname and then reloadkeywords to add the command - Added tab to reply you do not have to have the player in your friendlists to reply

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SeriousPk.com  1 Spawn Pk  Active Pking

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