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SiriusX 718

Hello we are a brand new server, SiriusX. We are a 718 pvm based server with a friendly community. We have 100% fully working Grand Exchange, pvm, slayer and loyality point systems. We have a Unique home and a zone for each donor rank. We have daily updates such as, Pest Queen, a custom donor boss, master skillcapes and much more! https://discord.gg/khRHWCD https://siriusxrsps.org/home Features in the server: ~---~ - Ganodermic / Grifolic / Fungale / Polypore staff making like real Rs -Whip & Dark bow coloring system ~---~ -All skils*working - 100% Soulwars working like RuneScape! ...

SiriusX 718
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    2019-04-21 14:37:41
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