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Looking for Dedicated players and people interested in a server, that isnt gonna be like your 317 pis We are currently looking for staff, but that doesnt mean come online and ask. We are a community, Looking to expand, Many of the old community fell off, so if you are dedicated and want to be apart of a fun little community and possible help run it Come on and join Info about SSL below The server is currently in Pre-SSL Mode BETA, due to the fact the skills, cities, and economy isnt complete for the ultimate SkyScapeLive experience, During Pre-SSL the xp rate has been raised 5x the normal SSL xp rate, due to this we will be completely wiping out all accounts when the official launch of SSL is to come, but you wont be playing Pre-SSL for no reason. Following Pre-SSL you will earn tokens for these actions on Pre-SSL Amount of Bugs found report using report a bug link Above Worth of your total Accounts items from pickups Half the Total Account Level Prizes subject to change These tokens will be able to be traded in after launch of SkyScapeLive for some prizes such as, Small XP lamps, Certain outfits not obtainable Frog Mask, Tunic Pants, etc, in-game gold, or even temp donator status. Thank you for taking the time to read these and for playing Pre-SSL we hope you have a great time here in the community and continue to stay with us as we grow and build and awesome experience here, Looking forward to seeing you in-game -Steven Come and download the client at skyscapelive.com

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