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|IronMan| x2 XP | 15+ Bosses | 10+ Minigames | DuoSlayer | Construction | Eco | GE | Achievements |25 Skills | EvilTree | CrashedStar | OSRS Bosses | OSRS Items | IPB Forums | Intro: Telarium is a brand new RSPS striving to give you a unique gameplay experience. We offer numerous top quality features that will make your time at Telarium enjoyable and worthwhile. Telarium is an eco based server filled with lots of places to train, explore, boss and player kill. We hope you enjoy our advertisement video and we hope to see you in-game! Notable Features: -99.9% uptime and stability -25 working skills -15+ places to train -12+ bosses -10+ minigames -OSRS Content -Daily Rewards -Full bank tabs -100+Achievements -Crashed Star -Evil Tree -Boss Pets -Ironman Mode -Prestige System -Duo Slayer -Dwarf Cannon -Price Checker + Money Pouch -Daily Updates and Support

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