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Welcome to Tojad. Join today for daily updates at Tojad.com RigourAugury added to quick prayers Including pictures and plenty plenty of updates to come httpi64.tinypic.com2iue2c1.png Server has only been up for less than a week and IMGhttpi67.tinypic.com30a419c.pngIMG Dragon Harpoon IMGhttpi65.tinypic.com2550ugp.pngIMG Here are some of the recent updates - Fixed slayer helm when you put it on it used to always give you the bonuses but not anymore - Fixed pest control - Fixed forum log-in - Fixed website added hiscoresvote and more voting pages - Fixed store as items only ROW and donator tickets. Will be releasing a new client - Fixed hovers Twisted Bow- Now in GAME Callisto, Scorpia, and Crazy Arc these bosses drop 2 of each so bring a partner in the wild-wild... DROP THESE ITEMS Guide Magic roots, dream log, windswept logs take these supplies to craft the bow -magic roots on spinning wheel make magic string -dream log used on windswept logs make uncharged T-bow -use string on uncharged t-bow to charge it and make it a real T-bow. NEW Dragon Harpoon is now in-game and works better than regular harpoon Extreme titles when you log in before would glitch and not show up but now Extreme title is always there. Blowpipe is fixed Tbow is fixed NEW Agility shop Slayer Master talks better now Server support can now use yell -Fixed worldmap and added teleports tab -Mageguy is now at home -Hovers are completely removed -Revamped client made a few more changes... MORE UPDATES urlhttptojad.comforumindex.phpboard5.0url

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