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HolyOSRS Best OS Experience

HolyRSPS is a new 317 based OS RSPS. Our home is based in Zeah around the statue, we have many features including Custom shop tab as well as a brand new PVP arena to earn blood money without loosing items. We have 24 bosses RFD bosses 100 bossing pets and 200 pets including skilling pets with a few custom pets that you can show off. All skills fully functional and working. Player owned shops for your convenience. We have many different currencies, between players blood money is most popular but you can also earn PVMBoss and skilling points to spend in there respected shops for cool reward related to the points category. There is also a drop table to show you what boss to kill for the items you wish to obtain. We have 4 game modes being RegularIron manUlti Iron man and Ulitmate for Ultimate you will receive 1 5th of the xp rate that regular players get but with a 15 higher drop rate. We also have a trivia bot with server related questions and some regular RS questions for all you guys out there wanting to gain some points. We have 7 minigames that you would find in OSRS we also have a weapon game where you start with the lowest weapon in each category and work you way up to dragonbarrows and even god weapon to earn blood money. Unique high score set up An event boss will spawn in a random location around the game that will reward everyone taking part with an event key for our Event chest to possibly earn great rewards Custom Shops tab httpsi.gyazo.com5b044ff40f7d7e4309a48afa587bec47.png Custom Teleport tab httpsi.gyazo.com11fee08ddfee12b748ae667197e8cc61.png PVM Points store httpsi.gyazo.comda0ca63a46da922bb0497567d6089319.png Boss Point store httpsi.gyazo.com3b14949fd19542d2a07bfb6e0595b99d.png Skill Point store httpsi.gyazo.com9410cb30d74c4a72103757edfebad681.png Home area httpsi.gyazo.com4bd1a21ab0ae2934cb0f12ed261ada53.png MinigamesCustom Weapons games mode httpsi.gyazo.com58dde808062fc4c87c488967bd397f83.png come and visit us today at HolyRSPS.org

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    2018-01-16 14:17:45
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HolyOSRS Best OS Experience

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