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TyrasPS - OSRS - Unique Content - Free Donator

TyrasPS- A server created for your enjoyment Check us out. Want to obtain a 5 bond for free Perhaps even more Each person that you invite to play TyrasPS, will count as 0.5 of a referral. Once you have e.g 5 points. You will gain a Bond. So check us out, get yourself a free bond and start playing today Forums httptyrasps.com Play now httptyrasps.comclientTyrasPS.jar Why Join us Unique Content At TyrasPS, we promise you that you will have a unique gameplay experience, enjoy the wonders of the regular OSRS bosses alongside to some Unique bosses such as the Mad Cow Come on, dont...

TyrasPS - OSRS - Unique Content - Free Donator
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    2016-12-03 07:35:47
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