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Our server is a custom RSPS based on the popular Armageddon. Vision317 is founded by AjVern and IsaiahAnubis. We strive for excellence and that our players are happy with the choices and updates we make for the server. If you are looking to join a Custom RSPS that wont go offline after a week, with a serious staff team, actual bugdupe patches, and dedicated development always working on cleaning up and making things better for the player, dont look any further, come and join Vision317. We welcome you with open arms. Here are our features, which will give you hours and hours of fun. - 30 Custom Zones - 500 Custom Items - All Customs have stats - Cool Locations - Auto Voting - Auto Donating - Professional Development - IPB Forums - .com Domain - Weekly Updates - Zoom inout function - Working fullscreen function - Community Input The players ask, the players get - Custom Bosses - Oldschool Bosses - Custom made items - Hired a Modeller - Hired Youtubers

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