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Visionary - Envision a Future Beyond Greatness

Visionary - Envision a Future Beyond Greatness

We are an Oldschool Server that is bringing back newer items slowly at a time to help bring in new content. The main game experience in Visionary is player killing because I feel like that is the biggest reason why people play servers and which is what I enjoy the most when I play servers but however, I do realise that some people play for skilling and for PvM and for a server that cares for it's players and has a great community which is why we have everything. All skills will be working and trainable, there will be many bosses to defeat including a few customs bosses in dangerous places such as the wilderness to involve PvM and PvP into 1 enjoyable experience. So basically Visionary aims to please everyone and to bring a great fun and enjoyable server for everyone to play on! After running my previous servers and peaking around 400 players at its peak I now know what makes and breaks a server, plus not only this I have learnt what the players want and also how to advertise a server correctly, how to manage a server correctly and more... Visionary will have tons of new content and changes compared with other servers. Why should you choose to play Visionary over other servers? A very good question. But a very simple answer which is, Visionary cares about it's players, it cares about its economy, it cares about how the server is run and what the players suggest and what they want. We do everything we possibly can to ensure that the players of Visionary enjoy playing the game and get the most friendly, fun and enjoyable gameplay they can! The server does frequent and daily updates almost every day, you can view all/most of the updates that happen on Visionary on the update log on the forums. Visionary focuses on every players enjoyment, we have every aspect of gameplay that we know players enjoy PvM, PvP, skilling, you name it we have it! We are not like other servers which are ignorant to their players and just ignores their opinions and even ignores their players when they talk to them. I have played over 50 servers over the past 4 years and have watched very carefully how the best servers are running and also how the bad servers are running, I have learnt their mistakes and adapted to how the best servers are running which is why Visionary is the place for you

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Visionary - Envision a Future Beyond Greatness

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