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DDSPK OSRS-133 Data - ECO - Raids - 21 BOSSES httpwww.DDSPK.com

httpddspk.com httpddspk.com httpddspk.com Website link Forums Download Start playing Combat EXP x80 Skilling EXP x40 Home Location Edgeville Whats DDSPK DDSPK is a oldschool type of a private server. DDSPK has a well-built economy. The server is great for bossing and skilling and in the future pking. Experience rates are challenging - not too fast or too slow. Items are mainly obtained through monster killing and skilling instead of buying everything from shops thus making economy really stable and interesting. Features Bosses King Black Dragon Sea Troll Queen Barrelchest Corporeal Beast Dagannoths Kings Godwars Bosses Armadyl, Bandos, Zamorak Ancient Gorilla Kraken Giant Mole Chaos Elemental Callisto Scorpia Vetion Cerberus Crazy Archaelogist Venenatis Chaos Fanatic Lizard Shamen Demonic Gorillas Kalphite Queen Skotizo Skilling Farming Woodcutting Fishing Hunter Mining Agility Crafting Thieving Runecrafting Herblore Fletching Slayer Cooking Smithing Mining Client Custom Login Screen HD Full ScreenResizable Screen Options OSRS 133 PvP Correct Delays on all Weapons Correct Specials on all Weapons All delays loaded from the cache All OSRS Weapons work

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 DDSPK  OSRS-133 Data - ECO - Raids - 21 BOSSES httpwww.DDSPK.com

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