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Amestris 317/608+ - Webclient

Summoning, Clue Scrolls with Difficulty, Updated Weekly, Clan chat, Bosses, Nex, Custom Armor, Prestige, All skills go up to level 125, All Skills Trainable, Custom Home, Custom Teleports, Working Duel Arena, Working Pest Control, Eco Friendly, Donator System, Rares arent very easy, Baaws shop (2147mil phats), PVP, PVM, Curses, 24/7, Loyalty points, Crystal keys, Construction, Unique Home in spellbook, Fullscreen,

Amestris 317/608+ - Webclient
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Date Signed Up 2014-05-01 09:04:48

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Amestris 317/608+ - Webclient

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