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Arrav RSPS - Instant Adventure!

Arrav RSPS - Instant Adventure Arrav is a revolutionary 317 private server, we have risen from the dead and we are back to take our rightful position at the top. We will be offering daily updates to our users, we will have beta worlds always online and allowing our users to test the content and updates. At Arrav we always try to do what our community wants, we really dislike doing anything without our community's approval which is another reason for our new Private Beta Worlds, which have proven so far to be successful. Some popular features of our server: - Dwarf Multicannon - 120+ Achievements [Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite] - Dungeoneering - Social Slayer (Duo Slayer) - Daily Updates - Full Summoning Skill - Hosted on top-of-the-line dedicated servers - Multiple World support (With character saving between worlds) - Multiple Quests - Active wilderness - Flawless combat - Perfected farming system - All skills - Customizable Client (474, 525, 562 Gameframes | 317, 614, or 602 hitmarks | x10 or x1 hits | Resizable and Fullscreen) - Active community forums. - Effigies We hope to see you soon!

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