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Phoenix ~ Rise From The Ashes

Welcome To Phoenix Private Server! My name is Phoenix, I am currently the owner and developer of this private server. I wish all new comers a fun and great experience playing this server. What we offer: Exp multipliers that stack. Prestige leveling, perks and shop. Annihilation points and shop. Skilling points and shop. Automated donation system. Automated voting system. Custom weapons and gear capable of being obtained by all players. 24/7 VPS hosting with a smooth connections. 24/7 server monitoring and high security measures to avoid hackers and exploits. What we aim for: We aim to build a competitive and active community. Hi-scores to keep track of player profile including points, prestige levels, boss kill counts etc. Weekly updates on new content, constant development and changes. Join today and experience the server first hand and at all times feel free to contact me on discord, in-game or forums!

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    2019-03-20 20:47:17
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