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AytonCity 530 - PkIsle [530/OSRS]

This server is rich of content which has been perfectly emulated. Most of the content has been developed, and we are still working on it every day. Why not give it a try? You'll be surprised! See you ingame! Key features 23 Skills (including Summoning, Hunting and Farming) 30+ (optional) Quests OSRS Maps and Items Minigames (Barrows, BH, GWD, Mage Arena, MTA, Pest Control, Puro Puro, TzHaar, Duel Arena, Warriors' Guild) Bosses (Giant Mole, KBD, Dagannoth, Bork, OSRS Bosses and more) Grand Exchange Clue Scrolls Dwarf Cannon Party room Clan Chat Gravestone System Ironman and Ultimate Ironman Pets Shooting Stars Music and Sound system ... and muuuuuch more!

AytonCity 530 - PkIsle [530/OSRS]
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Date Signed Up 2016-04-27 05:55:10

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AytonCity 530 - PkIsle [530/OSRS]

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