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Os-Desire Osrs!

What we offer to our Community! - Receive a Leather Whip, and Basic Slayer helmet on start! (Requires Slayer Kills, and Total Level to Upgrade) - Choose to play as a Elite Mode with lots of benefits! - Skilling raw items are all stackable! No time waste banking! - Global Bosses that drop loot for whole team! - Click any Skill to teleport to its training spot! - Item and Objects Custom Hover tips! - Magic Bonfire event that replicates Wintertodt Rewards! - New Wilderness Skilling area for increased profits and XP - AFK for Rares event where you can get P-Hats, H'weens - Built-in Knowledge...

Os-Desire Osrs!
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    2021-08-25 23:43:08
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