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OblivionPk is an oldschool pk based economy and spawn server. Whilst we are mainly a pk oriented server, we also provide for those who prefer PVM or skilling aspects of the game. Our development team strives on making each aspect of the game perfect and enjoyable whilst our staff strive to maintain a player friendly environment. • Full Cerberus • Full Kraken • Zulrah • Crazy Archaeologist • Scorpia • Chaos Fanatic • 18+ Bosses • Unique Kill-Streak System • All Wilderness Bosses • Rewritten Skills (Runecrafting, Hunter, Agility) • Full OSRS Bounty Hunter • Help database system • Perfect Combat • Clipped Player & Npc following • Clipped Projectiles • Clipped 108 maps & objects • Pet Insurance • Boss Pets • Bank Tabs • Rare Drop announcement system • Perfect Minigames
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