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The 2006 RuneScape Era was a time when the game was at its peak in which many people around the world enjoyed the game at its fullest. Rs2006-Remake presents to you a RuneScape server that dates back to 2006 April-June before the release of Construction. The Goal of this project is to bring back the nostalgic feeling that many RuneScape players had from the past in which we want to bring the community back together to relieve those unforgotten memories. We want to try bringing the community back together to play a game that we once loved and forever that we will never forget. The hours of skilling and grinding throughout this game meant so much for the RuneScape community until Jagex released updates that was upsetting for the players. The Rs2006-Remake Staff are here to bring back the joyful moments that many RuneScape players had from the past. One major goal is to try our best to match the RuneScape 2006 Era to this server right here. We are also here to try our best to update you players for the sake of enjoying this memorable time that we had from the past. This is our chance to make the real veterans of this game to relieve the memories all over again with the enjoyment of playing this game with no fees.

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