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Chaos Online

Chaos Online is a Runescape private server based on the 2012 era of Runescape with a modified cache. It is completely free to play and offers some of the most unique and highest quality game-play in Runescape private server history. We offer high quality, bug-free minigames, all functional skills, loads of bosses, grand exchange, clue scrolls, veteran capes, loyalty system, perk system and much more. Our community is constantly growing, and our staff team is always active and willing to help you through your adventure. We are always improving Chaos Online, with frequent game and website updates coming from professional developers. - So, what are you waiting for... Join hundreds of others - Become the best - Top Features 718 loading 751 revision private server Frequent game and website updates Stable economy player based grand exchange Over a dozen training grounds for quicker levelling Known for our PvM, with over 20 bosses and counting Flawless drop system with an easy to manage drop rate editor A dozen active and rewarding minigames All skills fully functional Achievements Completionists, Completionist t, Max, Veteran World events such as trivia, boss spawns and more Over 25 clue scrolls implemented Master 120 capes with particles Full banks with tabs, searching, inserting, swapping Bank Containers, reaching 8 total individual banks Massive donor zone with several dozens extra features Platinum donor zone, exclusive and unbelievable features A Journal which tracks all of your in-game points monster kills An In-game scoreboard of online users pk ranks dominion factor etc Fully customized shops an All-In-One shop with a neat interface Custom looking loading log-in - client backgrounds Automated Weekend EXP bonus Loads of custom Loyalty titles with a permanent unlock feature Tons of Pets to buyachieveunlockreceive Player customize-able EXP rates Loot Beam Loyalty Titles Appearance World announcements Chat colors Vorago with working phases and SeismicTectonic energy Rise of the Six Dominion Tower Celestial Dragons Up to T90 Defenders Hardmode GWD Instances AND SO MUCH MORE

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Chaos Online

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