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Brave PS

Hello Guys Im releasing my new server called Brave-PS If you want to check us, access our forum www.brave-ps.comforum.php Rune-Server Project Thread httpswww.rune-server.eerunescape-developmentrs2-serverprojects662819-brave-ps-rise-new-era-osrs-content-many-bosses-09-08-17-a.html Some features Balanced Combat Triangle Flawless Switching PvP LeaderBoard New Server - Fresh Economy All Skills Working Easy, Medium, Elite Slayer Tasks. FULL Construction Shooting Stars Evil Trees Team Dungeoneering Curses 100 achievements Wilderness Bosses Tons of MinigamesBarrows, Fight Caves Fire cape can be updated to get Tokhaar-Kal, Fight Pits, Pest Control, Duel Arena, Warriors Guild Gambling Flower Poker, Hot Cold, Dice Game and Lottery Money Pouch with unlimited storage Multiple Quests Fully Clan Chat System Highscores Auto Donation System Auto Vote System Fully working Bank Tabs A lot of Giveaways DonatorSuper DonatorExtreme DonatorLegendary DonatorUber Donator ranks and zones Player Owned Shops Boss Points System Pk Points System Trivia Points System Slayer Points System Donator Points System Loyalty Points System Vote Points System Well of Goodwill Worldwide Information Tab A couple of Custom items NewOld hits Hd Texture OSRS CONTENT Full Zulrah AND MUCH MORE Come check us Kind Regards, Chivas.

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    2017-09-08 11:02:38
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Brave PS

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