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Marvel isn't like any other OSRS 317, we are fully packed With amazing content 99% glitch free. Why should you choose to play Marvel? -Marvel offers a great variety of content such as Amazing PVMING, Flawless Pking, Over 10 Minigames and a great home with all your needs. -Gambling is something that most RSPS players like to do with that said we dice. -We are up to date with the current osrs meaning we have all new updates ! -We do daily updates/events. -VPS HOSTED 24/7 This just 5% of what Marvel has to offer for your RSPS gaming experience. What are you waiting for? Start your adventure now and work your way to the top. NEEDS STAFF, SERVER IS BRAND NEW. Marvel - A New Era Has Began Home : [url=]Marvel[/url] * And a lot more! Everything that you need is in the website.

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