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317 Eon A Unique Custom Experience NEED STAFF

We here at Eon, want to bring you the best experience possible. We are always listening to our players, and thinking about whats best for them. We have dedicated developers working on new content to be brought out weekly Come check us out, you wont regret it. We have a total of 25 bosses for you and your friends to take down for amazing loot Here are a few of those bosses - King Black Dragon - Tormented Demons Corporeal Beast - Chaos elemental - Lizardman Shaman - Nex - Cerberus - Skotizo - Vorkath and Zulrah. Boss - Monster Drop Table. By typing the command drops, a drop table will appear, and show you what all of our monsters and bosses drop. We have 25 skills for you to enjoy and grind away at Including Farming Construction Herblore Runecrafting Summoning Hunter Dungeoneering And more. We have 8 Minigames for you to choose from, hope you enjoy them. We will be adding more so stay tuned - Pest Control - Barrows - Nomads Requeim - Recipe for Disaster. This is only a small portion of the content we have, come see the rest for yourself GO, GO NOW TO OUR WEBSITE AND JOIN THE ADVENTURE

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    2018-10-03 18:06:42
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317 Eon  A Unique  Custom Experience  NEED STAFF

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