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EradicationX - Reborn

Many Custom-Added Items into the game. The highest XP amount is 10B experience All skills go up to 400M XP, and they come with capes Custom Bosses Eradicator, Maximum Gradum, Extreme Boss, Superboss, Fatal Resort, Something, Copyright, Fear, Necromancer, Obsidian King, Dagrith Nurn, Geno Mini games Fast and easy leveling Shops with all your needs 100 Working Farming Great Staff Great Community Fun to play bosses Special KillCounts Tab Custom Zombie Invasion raid, 4 times a day All suggestions are heard A stable 80 player base Easy to access PvP Private Boss Instances Active Forums Customized Quest Journal involving Teleports, Forums, Management, Loyalty Points, Commands, Home, and Vote Noticeboard Squeal of Fortune Drygores, off-hand items, amazing models, Hybrid gear Trickster Subjugation from Zamorak, also dominion weapons We Are Just Missing YOU

EradicationX - Reborn
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EradicationX - Reborn

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