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EternalPK 718/742 PVP/ECO *DEDI HOST*

EternalPK 718/742 PVP/ECO *DEDI HOST*

|| Drygores || Dicing || Flowers || VPS Host || All Bosses || NEED STAFF || Dice || Upgrade || Godsword || Custom Bosses || Dual Wield || EternalPK PVP/Economy Server rnrn*DEDI HOST* (24/7 UPTIME) rn*BETTER THAN VPS* rnSUPPORTS 500+ PLAYERS rnNEED STAFF rnForums: EternalPK Forums rnClient: MUST Download the LATEST Java in order to RUN! Latest Java rnEternalPK Client Download rnWebclient: Coming Soon. rnrnMain Features: SAFE PVP World + Eco Completionist cape w/ 12 requirements Veteran capes (6 month and 1 year) Full Primal Loyalty Points PVP Points Dungeoneering Points Overrides Dicing Flowers Party Demon (Drops PVP Armour) Ganodermic & Polypore dungeons Complete Friends Chat system LootShare (100%) Clan Chat system Support Tickets Trivia System Money Pouch (100%) Dwarf Multicannons (NEW!) Farming Hunter Summoning Co-op Slayer 100's of slayer tasks Fight Pits Duel Arena (NEW - SCAM FREE!) Warriors Guild Dominion Tower Runespan Clan Wars Castle Wars Revamped PvP and PvM (NEW!) Fight Caves (63 waves) Fight Kiln (36 waves) Barrows Sea Troll Queen raids home! King Black Dragon Queen Black Dragon Tormented Demons Corporal Beast Kalphite Queen Pest Queen Barrelchest Yk\'Lagor the Thunderous (NEW!) Avatar of Destruction Avatar of Creation King Daggonoths Pest Queen Nomad Bork Sunfreet Sea Troll Queen Nex Giant Mole (NEW!)

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EternalPK 718/742 PVP/ECO *DEDI HOST*

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