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Register your account at eternalscape.com and click on the Play now button to join the game EternalScape Open Beta Currently we have a Linux VPS available from a very good friend, donations are welcome to keep us up 24-7 A few features Fixed a lot of small bugs that where present. Three different types of gambling games. Boss slayer tasks for all new OSRS bosses up to Skotizo. We are going to add new data PVP at G.E with timers, and two new PVP areas in Falador Lumbridge. NPC drop tables Boss killing log. Better Slayer with options of difficulties between combat levels. PKing with the Bounty Hunter skull to determine kill-streaks. Zenyte jewelry crafting. Five rooftop agility courses. Rewritten combat system we are currently working to make it even better. And a lot more Bosses General Graardor Bandos Commander Zilyana Saradomin Kril Tsutsaroth Zamorak Keearra Armadyl Dagganoth Kings Barrelchest King Black Dragon Kraken Corporal Beast Lizardman Shaman Cerberus Giant Mole Demonic Gorillas Abbysal Sire Tekton Callisto Venenatis Chaos Fanatic Chaos Elemental More bosses and items are coming soon Minigames Barrows Duel Arena Fight PitsCaves Fishing Tournament Pest Control Warriors Guild See you ingame

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