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Why choose TranscendRS Based on Runescape from the era of 2011, we strive to bring you the perfect pre-eoc experience. TranscendRS provides flawless content for you to enjoy, aswell as the ability to create anything players may want. We have already achieved multiple systems that do not exist anywhere and work flawlessly with no bugs, as well as adding new game mechanics. Not only do we have great combat, we also has plenty of content for each Skill, Quest, Minigame, Random event and the new addition of Global events. NOTE When you start the game, youll be given 30 minutes of double experience. Remember to spend it wisely Features Frequent updates Updates are completely Player-driven In-game polling system Never before seen content and mechanics Completely new system Raids. Super Advanced and includes 3 new bosses NOT a pay-to-win server A VERY rewarding and looked after Economy A beautiful home area made from scratch Amazing interfaces Huge achievement system Online rewards Loyalty points and titles Upgraded compmax capes for 200m all skills Flawless skilling 100 construction and custom dungeoneering ZMI altars Duo slayer and boss tasks Clan wars and duel arena Barrows and RS-like fight caves Nightmare ZoneOSRS inspiration Lava Flow Mine Daily queststasks Mini Quests Iron man mode Highscores Random Events Trivia Bot Grand Exchange Tons of areas to train and level Plenty of bosses to fight Player settings World-wide content Multi-threading Engine Well organized for new players Built to run for years, this server will never shut down.

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