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Fallen-Pk - Great Eco - 317 server - Every skill & all bosses

Howdy RSPS community! What we have brought for you guys today is our amazing new server called "Fallen-PK"! We are a unique server and our server contains many things that will keep you guys interested daily. We strive to become the #1 RSPS, so in order to do that we have and will always provide the server with daily updates and new content. Our community is one of the best communities out there and will continue to be the best, so why don't you guys come and join us to make it even better! Although our server is fairly new, ( only been running for a couple of days ) we will continue to pump out daily updates and new content to make the server strike and become the leading RSPS! The updates that happen in our server are based on the players. The players have a right to share their ideas, and we will listen to what you guys have to say. No one will be left out of our community; For we are one big happy family! Information: The server is based on a economy driven community. We will not let the economy skyrocket with insane prices; instead we will keep the economy at a fair price for all players. We have a active staff team along with an Active Owner & Development team ( that updates the server regularly ).   Click here to play: http://fallen-pk.com/

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    2016-03-31 12:09:34
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Fallen-Pk - Great Eco - 317 server - Every skill & all bosses

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