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Custom server! Website: http://freign.xobor.com/ Download :https://www.dropbox.com/s/gymslpqaqukl6h9/Freign-PS%20V1.0.jar? Discord: https://discord.gg/ZbuD4a Freign-PS V1.0 2019 Custm Minigames / Custom raid minigame / Goku minigame / Custom Vorago / Raids 1 / Raids 2 Upgrade Machine for alot of items ingame! Regular updates Custom teleport interface! Sexy starter pack! View drops right click examine Many Custom achievements! Droprate on npc pets! Over 700++ customs Custom home! Custom Shops! Custom Donator zone with alot of benefits! Friendly staff! 24/7 active!! Media:...

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    United States
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    2019-09-14 09:02:32
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