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Game of Runes - Player Owned Shops - 100...

So just thought id pre release this to get some feedback from the public, we still have much work to do still to complete our theme and are pushing updates daily Features Player Owned Shops w Search 5 Minigames 20 Bosses Quests 100 Achievements Teleport Tab System Skilling Tab System Resizable Client HD Textures Comp cape Customiser Donator Benefits Custom Launcher Perfect Combat Bounty Hunter Ironman Mode Loyalty titles Daily Updates Dwarf Multicannon Fully functional bank tabs Complete clan chat system 23 working skills Customizable Client Active community forum Mix of 474, 525, and 667 maps. Gambling Dicing and flowers Money pouch with unlimited storage Real rock caverns with rocktail fishing Competetive highscores Shooting stars Evil trees Performance Optimized Game Engine Dedicated DDoS Protected Servers

Game of Runes - Player Owned Shops - 100...
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 Game of Runes - Player Owned Shops - 100 Achievements - Unique Content - NEW

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