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MaxxxxScape 718 is ONLINE

SERVER IS ONLINE AS OF 12172016 NEW FEATURES Features Starter Regular Player Regular RSPS Player, choosable XP. Iron Man Mode Iron Man, choosable XP. XP Modes Squire Mode 85x Experience Rate Knight Mode 50x Experience Rate Legend Mode 5x Experience Rate Boss - Weve lots of bosses, such as Vorago, Sunfreet, WildyWyrms, and much, much more Clan System - Creating, Joining, Leaving, Rank giver, Color Changing Mottos, Chatting Guests. Hunger Games - It takes place in a small area where you have to try to kill each other. Including Lobby, Rewards, Timer Winner. Bank Pins - Works both when opening bank money pouch. Cache - Loading 751, which means it has the new maps, npcs also items. We do also have RS3models customs, such as mastery capes, drygores, off-hands, boss pets, kalphite and many, many other Toolbelt System - Adding Items, using them to do skills. Rise of the Six - A Custom Minigame. Credits goes to Edimmu Farming - Mostly all kinds of patches Allotments, herbs, flower, tree, bushes, proper timing, use of compost proper use of farming tools. Trivia Bot Penguin Event - Including epic rewards. MoneyPouch - Working adding, withdrawing also supports store. Requirements Achievements - There are bunch of requirements to obtain Completionist, so youll have to work hard for it Aslo, an Achievement system, including epic rewards. Custom Dungeoneering - Including rooms, where you have to kill all monsters, in order to enter the final boss room. Wildstalker Helmets - Requires kill counts, possible to upgrade to any kind of helmets with kill counts. Quests - Cooks Assistant, Dorics Quest, Imp Catcher, Recipe for Disaster, Nomads Mini-quest Refuge of Fear. Dragonfire Shield - Dragonfire shield creation activation. Points System - You receive lots points in the various activities player killing, player vs. monster, skilling, minigames you will also receive special points from the various skills most, including shops to all of them. Summoning - Pouch Scroll Creation, including most familiars. Lodestone Network - Activation, animation short cutscene. Clue Scrolls - Over 20 clues, including interface epic rewards. Hunter - Birdsnares Works for crimson swifts, tropical wagtail, wimpy birds, the golden warbler, copper longtails Boxsnares works nearly for all kinds, such as grenwalls, chinchompas, geckos, racoons etc. Working Falconry. Duel Arena Anywhere - Youre allowed to send a challenge anywhere. Perfected system including, Friendly Stake duels. Credits to Arham4 for global duelling. Pest Control - Landers, player requirements, lobby, joining rewards interface. Remember to stay active. MaxxxxScape is a 718 that is built on the idea to be different, but to the extent of maintaining real RuneScape aspects. The main idea of the server is to have playability, interactivity, and tons of content. This server wants to keep aspects of the MaxxxxScape times but still maintaining RuneScape, making this a blend of medieval and emperor times. The logic of this server is to make YOU a MaxxxxScaper not some Player. We found this a more formal way of talk and found this to be quite descriptive of YOU. Our interactivity will be to produce content that will come from the unexpected, and something that is fun and doesnt always have to follow the pattern of get on a server, get 99s, and PK We found this to be quite repetitive, and wished to annihilate that from our server. All-in-all, this server is circulated by YOU and not by the concept of the world is just turning around. In 11 words The collaboration of MaxxxxScape while keeping the main idea of RuneScape. Features - Made NPC familiars pointing at you after theyve finished following you. - Added NPC Death Animations. Doesnt always show up - Added Block animations for players and NPCs. - Made the admin rights easier to obtain save. - Made some changes which makes the game a little smoother removed useless scripts. - Cleaned some of the bits in the script itself out. - Removed the idle kick which made you get kicked every 2-3 minutes while being active. - Better saving of playerfiles.

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MaxxxxScape 718 is ONLINE

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