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Runescape Top 100 List

Ebisu-GX | Economy | 25 Skills | 24/7 Online

Ebisu-GX is 718 loading 838 hosted by a powerful dedicated VPS. We are a brand new server and we need loads of players to try our content. We have loads of content to offer and a friendly/active community. We have an advanced Developing team that brings amazing updates that constantly trumps other RSPS content such as fully working All 25 skills. The 25 skills are trainable and accurately coded to closely mirror pre-eoc Runescape. Ebisu-GX has so much content it is practically impossible to list it all, We never fail to go that extra mile. There is also a strong, supportive and carefully handpicked staff team to help you during each hour of the day with any problems you may have whether they are in-game related, donation related or even personal. Ebisu-GX also features an extensive and active forum where players can post suggestions to improve things and talk with other members of the community and get to know each other.

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Ebisu-GX | Economy | 25 Skills | 24/7 Online

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