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Hyperion RSPS

Hyperion is a 718 loading 751 RSPS, which started on the 29th of August 2014 by Sam and Harrison. Our server truly is powered by the community; most updates are player orientated. We have loads of content to offer and a friendly, active community, check our server and features out below! - Yanille home - Full construction - Full farming - All boss pets - Clan chats - Grand exchange (player based) - Drygores obtainable through PvM - Vorago, working difficult combat script + Seismic wand + singularity - 120 capes - Ascension crossbow made from signets dropped by bosses + dragon crossbow - Daily updates - All skills trainable + Contruction with houses - Dwarf multicannon + Royale cannon - GWD & Nex - QBD - Tormented Demons - Custom bosses including Blink, Sunfreet and Sea Troll Queen. - Glacors - Dual wielding and sheathing - Barrows - Mithril Dragons - Shooting Stars - Undead Nightmare minigame - Auto-vote with vote ticket shop - Automatic and instantaneous donation system - Trivia system - Runespan - Loads more!

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Hyperion RSPS

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